Saturday, July 31, 2010

a good one......

noah was showin' me some of his friends' art
last nite. boppin' around on the net showin'
me all kindsa good stuff. when we stopped at
someone's photo and they had a rilke poem
with it.

i stopped to read the poem.

i said 'ohhhhhhhh. wait. i need to reread that.'

i said 'ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. wait. i don't get it,
but i think i love it. i gotta read it again.'

i said 'oh my gosh. doesn't this make you want
to fall flat on the floor??? i STILL don't get it.
let me try it again.'

finally i said 'we gotta email this to me.....cause
it's awesome. even tho i really just don't get it.'

i think the poetry i like best does that to me.
it hits me so hard in places so deep, and i haven't
a clue what it's about or what's goin' on.

that's how i started with rumi. and then all of a
sudden, he was making perfect sense to me. but
i could never put that sense into words.

rilke does that to me too........altho this one
i may never get. it STILL knocks me over.

and something i think is interesting....i don't
need to intellectually get something. i just need
to feel it.

i suddenly understand that that's kinda cool.
when i was young, i thought it was a flaw.
and now, i like it...

thought i'd share.

The blind man who stands on the bridge,
grey, as if a markstone of nameless realms,
perhaps he is the one thing that remains the same,
around which from afar the star-hour turns,
the heavenly body’s quiet center.
For all stumbles and struts and rushes about him.

He is the motionless one, the just one,
placed in a confusion of many ways;
The dark entrance to the underworld
among a race of superficial beings.

1 comment:

Qn Dani said...

You just feel it because in feeling it, you feel (and are connected to) you.

"perhaps (s)he is the one thing that remains the same,
around which from afar the star-hour turns,the heavenly body’s quiet center.

that's got your name all over it. :-)