Thursday, July 15, 2010

love stuff

he doesn't know it.....
and if he did, he'd squirm....
but when he tells me about stuff he
said to someone else, it's when i really
feel like i get such a good glimpse of who he is.
and i so love those moments.

he told me of a conversation where someone asked
him about rebuilding a relationship...what did
he think about that?

his bottom line.....they are built on trust and love.

as he was tellin' me, and he actually used paragraphs
to fill me in, i listened and smiled.

i thought of all the work we'd done with this kinda
stuff. how 'building' something is really what we've
been doin'.

before, when i was so young, and fell in love...
i thought you just found someone, and poof! it was magic!
you were in love and that's all you needed.

i've learned a lot along the way.
and i've also learned that i have a long way to
go to figure it out.

and it's not just about your relationship with your partner.
it's about any kinda love.

before this conversation even happened, another version
of it popped into my head. standing in the shower last
nite, out of nowhere, a thought landed in my head about
love. about how completely misunderstood it is.

love. i really really think it's sooooooo misunderstood.
it's not like i understand it any better than anyone else.
i think all i've got goin' for me is that i know i don't
understand it. i think that's helpful. better to be aware
of your ignorance than not.

the thought landed so hard into my head outta the blue,
that i looked up at the ceiling, in the middle of my shower,
and grinned. the psychic phone booth was talkin' to me.
i'm payin' attention and gonna sit with it today. think
i'll be writing a lot of it out today. it was callin' me
that much.

and then there he was this morning tellin' me of the
building blocks of a relationship. sayin' love was one of
those building blocks.

of course.
but how much do we even think about what that is?

one thing led to another, and before i knew it, he was at
the point of questioning all reality and wondering if there
was ANY kinda reality.

i laughed. wasn't even gonna go there today.
my hands are full enough on the love stuff right now.

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