Wednesday, July 14, 2010


the snippets ran thru my mind as i wandered
on my treadmill this morning.

i wasn't moving fast today. it just wasn't
happening. and my mind seemed to be floatin'
along too.

i kept hearin' different sentences goin' thru
my head. funny too, as my buddy, mary, just
posted a blog on sentences.

here i had a million different ones shootin'
on thru me.

they were snippets of conversations i had had
the last couple days....

things like:

'it's been hard. real hard.'

'i had to ground him again. it's only gonna
get worse.'

'i love you.'

'i have to share this star visual i had with you!'

'she scared the hell out of me about the bleeding
but there's not a thing i can do about it right now.'

'you're scared again. just relax and breathe.'

'she says she doesn't have a drinking problem.'

'you changed my life today.'

'didn't that just knock your heart against the wall?!'

'i'm a little worried about my finances, but i'm going
to go home and work on it.'

'you can't hold on tight, cause then you've killed it.
i'm really okay letting it be. i'm gaining so much
from this.'

'i love you too.'

'i'm torn between my unwavering faith i did the right
thing, and it will be okay, and the 'bottom line' my
accountant keeps dwelling on.'

'you're my hero.'

'i know i'm being a terrible friend.'

'we're becoming such good friends.'

'she adores him.'

'he cheated on her.'

on and on the snippets went........
whirling inside of me.

i see a lot of it.
i'm lucky enough to see a lot of it.

today i'm just holding this huge melting pot inside of
me and watching. and thinking.
and wondering.

and wanting to offer love in response to each sentence....

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