Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a living snit fit

ya know, there's times when the frustration level
just gets too high.

i had no desire to be a living prayer.
i wanted to be a living snit fit.

and so i was.

i headed out to my yard with snippers in hand.
i was swarmed by mosquitoes.
this usually sends me runnin' inside.

not tonite, man.
it's the skeeters who quaked.

i chopped and swatted, and snipped and
growled at the universe.

i sweated, and swatted, and grumbled, and
came close to swearing.

grin. for me, that's big.
i rarely swear.
but i was close......

forget the living prayer tonite.
i'm a living snit fit.

and you know what???
it feels good.
now a cold shower and somehow i know
i'm gonna come out of it feelin' like
this whole snit fit was a prayer.

there's a lot here for me to figure out.
or not.


peggi said...

who said that prayer has to be kind and gentle? read the book of psalms....david is pretty much yelling at god through most of it!

Merry ME said...

Oh I bet you're gonna sleep good tonight.

Pamela Jones said...

I'm thinking that many a prayer comes in the form of the snit fit.