Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a josh day!

shall we make it a josh day???

just when i gave up waiting for him to post
that song......he posted it!

so i wanted to share that here.

and then, i swear, i'm done with my son!
jeesh, i went from a remiss mom to a
'wanna see my photographs??' mom!

sorry about that......

but THIS one is my favorite.

it's josh dealin' with some suicides that
he's had close in his life...

and it really gets to me........

here's the lyrics:

"Seems like the winter's cold 'cause you're gone
The frost is thick, and the nights are long
The ones who are left gather round the fire
And start to share the stories of the survivors

And the vapor from our breath seems to freeze in a question mark

Tell me what the voices say
'Cause the Good Lord's Lasso take 'em all away
Tell me how to rescue you
'Cause the Good Lord's Lasso is tried and true
Yeah tell me what I can do
So the man upstairs don't lasso you

Is all they'll remember is your smile?
Or how you used to chat for a while?
Huh, seems like folks should pay more attention sometimes
Play that violin all day long
Now all that's left is a song
And I'll always have that day burned in my mind

and here's the link!

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