Monday, September 27, 2010

prefection?? HOW do you spell that?!

on the slim chance you don't know about brene brown
and her blog (and her books!!) you are definitely gonna
want to check this woman out!

i stopped by her blog today and saw her protest against
perfection! what fun! who could resist!

altho, i gotta say, my first thought was that i don't get
too hung up on perfection. i make too many mistakes to
go that route. (just ask me how many typos customers have
pointed out to me over the years...or how many mistakes
have turned into art....)

and while this is true with a whole lotta my life...
i've become a queen of turning blunders into endearments...
it's not the whole picture by any means.

oh no.

so the first thought got countered by the second and third

there are things i just try so so hard at and when i can't
'get it right' the frustration level is so high.
and the amount of kicking myself is wayyyy not okay.

friends will tell me, 'terri, ease up on yourself. you're
human, remember?'

i'll reluctantly hear them...and sooner or later their
message will sink in. well...usually...

unless of course, it has anything to do with my body image
and then i just shut the door on their wisdom and continue
to kick myself.

i think in whatever form it comes out, we all have some
sort of problems with perfection. with that ideal. with
whatever that thing is that's stuck in our head.

and i love brene's protesting of it!
i love the opening of the opportunity to look at it today.
where is it in your life?
and is it time you protested it?
anddddddddd..........would you like to make your own sign
and join in the fun???

just go over to brene's blog and follow her lead!

i couldn't resist this shot of mine!
it felt so perfectly imperfect!
and for those who can't read that sign??
it says:
'prefection - how do you spell that?'


Brené Brown said...

This is awesome. perfectly imperfect pic!

Allie said...

Loved your photo - looks like you had a blast with your protest!

Carrie said...

awesome post - imperfection definitely has a spot in our lives! I blog hopped over from the ordinary courage.

Kelly said...

I just joined in on Brene's Perfect Protest. (Just found her blog last night, so I wasn't able to snap a picture.
I have learned there is a sense of peace that comes with accepting little imperfections. :D
Have a great weekend!!


deb said...

I love that so many of us are of the same mind and heart....

Monica said...

prefection - love that!