Monday, October 11, 2010

bummed but tryin'...

well, okay, it did kinda end in a let down...
i can't believe it.

three days with the guys, and then today was
gonna be my day all alone with that other guy
of mine.

sore throat over here.
he's got surgery comin' up. (nothin' scary)
he can't get sick.
i can't get him sick.

so i have to cancel.
feels like a year since i've seen him.
and i have to cancel.

i keep tellin' myself there will be other days.
and it hasn't even been a week since you've seen
him. get a grip, ter.

and i will.
cause i have to.

but the thing that's cool?
it feels like forever since i've seen him.

and i'm bummed.
but i'm gonna try real hard not to concentrate on that.
i'm gonna concentrate on how cool it is i care this much.
how cool it is that i can miss someone this much.

i don't want to overlook that part.

refocusing over here.


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