Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a gutter cleaner, a roof hugger and a nutcase...

i just came in from cleaning my gutters.
what is it about gutter cleaning that i love so much??

that's one of those jobs i really don't mind doin'.
and i can't figure out why...
i do know i love bein' up high, closer to the sky.
and i do know tossin' all that mucky stuff away feels

could be onto something here.....

maybe i need a gutter visualization for my inner self!!

i climbed to the peak and sat down. wow.

i need to remember this spot when i feel bad, i thought.
you can't feel bad when you're sitting here.
it's like you're part of the sky.
(and no, my roof really isn't that high!)

heard my neighbor's next door workin' outside.
i got back to work. didn't want to look like
a lunatic sittin' on the roof.

another neighbor drove by while i was up on the roof.
he waved, i waved....then he backed up, rolled down
his passenger window and hollered up something explaining
that there's a reason i had sons, and i needed to use them.

i laughed.....hammed it up a bit, complaining about those
no good sons of mine and told him i loved it up there.
he offered a ladder. told me it wasn't safe.

i laughed, waved him off tellin' him i was almost done.
'and besides it feels SO GOOD up here!' i hollered.
how could i tell him i had to sneak up there so the guys
wouldn't see me and stop me and do the gutter cleaning
themselves?? how could i tell him i had a ladder that
would work too?? how could i tell him that when i cleaned
my gutters i felt so good inside??

'don't lean forward' he hollered as he headed off.

i grinned. thought about how much i like my neighbors
and went back to work.

when i was done, i stood up on the little lower part of the
roof, my studio roof.
stretched out the leg i had been leanin' on the whole way

ohhhhhhhmph it was tough to straighten out.

gosh, i'm not as young as i think i am.

figured i should stand there a minute, let my leg get okay
before i had it take me down the ladder.

so i stood on the little lower part, leaning on another part
of the roof lookin' at the sky.


and then i looked at all the roof of my house.
my house.
i thought of all the good stuff that went on
under that roof.
i thought how lucky i was to have this place.
i got so filled with gratitude that i hugged the roof.

i seriously hugged the roof.

i'm a roof hugger.

a gutter cleaner.

a home owner.

and a nutcase.

and it feels just so awesome......


lisa oram said...

I was looking for info on gutter cleaning and I found a poem. How awesome! I mentioned you on our blog today. Thanks!

Lenore Lung said...

It’s actually quite surprising that you don’t find gutter cleaning frustrating. Most the homeowners I know hate cleaning their gutters because it’s hard to get up on the roof, and it’s quite risky as well. But for you, it seems like cleaning the gutters is something you enjoy. What a positive view!