Thursday, October 21, 2010

sharin my soul and grinnin'...

i swear, sometimes i think face book has changed
the world.

i talk to people i'd never talk to that way...
i love that about it!

well, i do believe i was the most amazed last nite
when i found myself writing a note to a priest that
i totally admired when i was a teen. and yes, there
he was on face book.

i am not kidding.

i just knew him 'slightly'....he didn't even know my
name. he was a visiting priest and whenever he showed
up, i was so delighted as he had the mass and the
sermons come alive.

something made me think of him last nite and the thought
crossed my mind....i wonder.....and i popped him in face
book and ta da!

now, honestly, this guy didn't even know me.
but i know on those sundays long ago i felt like i knew
a bit of him.

now here's the most amazing part to me....
i wrote him a note, explained who i was, even told him
i wasn't catholic anymore. (i think that's so funny
that i felt like i should say that!) told him how i
had loved his services...and then...i am so tickled
to say...i sent him my website.

big big big ol' smile here.

cause you see, i honestly don't care if the man ever
answers, or ever looks at my website. i honestly don't.

the whole thing was for me. and the sharing the website???
i asked myself why i would do that...

and THIS is the part that has me smiling this morning....

'because i think it's worth sharing' was my answer!

now, yeah, i like my website, and i like what i do,
and i think it's worth sharing to a lot of people.
that's NOT new. i really do.

but sharing it just to share it with a stranger...who really
probably won't be interested in the website....well,
THAT'S new.

and i thought about it.......and i thought about how that
place really is my soul. and i'm sharin' my soul. and my
soul is worth sharing to a stranger.....


and that's bringin' one heck of a smile to my face today!

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