Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sharin' the tickles

i know this is crazy, but i didn't really realize
i loved words til the past few years.
words, phrases, great sentences.......

but i so so so do.
talk about an art.

words are an art.

i snuggled down with this book last nite
(scarred by struggle, transformed by hope)

and had only just begun when i gasped.


try this one out....

'i could feel the dust of my soul under my tongue.'


i stopped.
read that out loud in a whisper a few times.

i love that....
and haven't you just been there before???
oh my gosh...
what a description.

so okay, i gotta share some of my highlights here.
and let's just all be thankful i only have a small
amount of time to read these days.

'sure of the absence of god we actually become aware of
the presence of god.'

i fell over.

she goes on:

'it is the fortunate misadventure of life. by losing everything,
we come to the realization that everything is far less than we
think it is and far more than we ever dreamed it could be. in the
end, everything is what cannot be taken away, what cannot be lost,
what will not fail us in our hope. everything is the nagging
awareness that always there is more and that i already have it.
i am reduced by misery to stop and look through the darkness to
the light on the horizon that never changes. darkness becomes
the incubator of light.'

darkness becomes the incubator of light.


there's more.
oh yeah, there's more.
but i figure that's pretty good for now.

well, okay.
ONE more.

it's just a sentence.....
but um.........it's not JUST a sentence.....

i loved this.....

'it's not the grappling with a thing that defeats us;
it is the unknown answers to the hidden questions that
wear us down.'

done sharin' my book for the day.
i love it when a book tickles me like this!

sharin' the tickles...


Merry ME said...

This book has just moved to the top of my Amazon list!

I agree - a good sentence is almost like finding the golden egg at an Easter egg hunt. Your basket if full of colored eggs that are pretty and tickle your fancy. Then you spy the golden one, all other eggs pale and all you can do is stop and savor the egg and the moment!

AkasaWolfSong said...

I agree with you both of you!

And Ter...you are a wordsmith...a great one at that!

Blessings Dear One!

Anonymous said...

I love Joan Chittister and have read many of her books and have heard her speak, too. Very profound. Let me know if you want to borrow any.