Thursday, November 11, 2010

the leaky tree

i was busy. goin' from one thing to the next when i glanced
out the doors and saw this tree leaking color into the sky.

i had to stop.
you don't see that every day.

i stopped, and stepped outside.
it was this great big peachy orangey tree with the sky
behind it a matching color.

ohhhhh it's leaking, i thought.

and stood there watching.

and thinking.

it's leaking its color into what's surrounding it.

kinda like me, i thought.

kinda like us all.

what's in us comes out.
and colors around us.

the sun's fully up now, the sky is blue
and the light seems to be shining only on that
tree as i look over.

it's completely lit up in glory and splendor.

not leaking anymore.

maybe what it put out came right back to it and
made it all the more beautiful........


that tree is really making me think this morning!

1 comment:

Pamela Jones said...

Wow, ter...this is absolutely one of my favorites you've ever blogged. I just love your leaking image! WOW!!!
AWESOME!!! Cool!