Tuesday, November 23, 2010

my kinda pearl

ohhhh i was gonna get out before the sun totally did.
i slipped outside and held my breath for the first few

it was like if i breathed, i would change things.

and this morning as i stood there not breathing,
i felt the holiness of the morning surround me.

i was so delighted the moon was there.

i had seen it last nite when i put out the trash.
it was dark, and the moon was rising over my neighbor's
house. he was out in his driveway talking to another
neighbor. i waved, but didn't want to shout that far
as again...i was afraid if i was too loud, something
would change.

the one neighbor headed towards home and it was more
towards me, so i braved a shout and he shouted back
a 'how ya doin'?'

'ya just couldn't be doin' bad with a moon like that!'
i shouted back. 'did you SEE it?!!'

and there it was with me this morning.

i rounded the corner and all my insides squealed 'look
at that pearl in the sky!! it's a pearl! it's a doggone pearl!'

and i laughed and i thought of all the corny things i wanted
to say about that glorious moon.

'you sound like a corny poet' i told myself.

'yeah, but there's this pearl hanging in the sky!' i argued back.
'how could you not??'

i walked and soaked in the morning.
wondered how i've ever lived a day without doing this.

how can anyone truly be alive without touching the morning??

oh, yeah, there have been lots of mornings i haven't touched.
but was i truly alive then, i wondered??
cause this feels necessary to truly living.
it really does.

i turned another corner, and another, and when i looped back,
i got a great view of the moon in bare branches and the sky
and the branches were all kinda pale. it was gorgeous.
i stopped and looked. smiled at the bare branches and remembered
why winter is my favorite season. i love those fingers reaching
up to the sky.

thanksgiving is almost upon us. and i'm revvin' up into gratitude
mode. and i thought about how lucky i was to have a pearl in
the sky and how lucky i was to be out there soakin' up some pearl

funny...i was never into pearls. never wanted any.
but i tell ya, that's where the pearl belongs.
right up there. lookin' down on us and reminding us of the holy.
beamin' the holy down so big time you can't miss it.
that's my kinda pearl.

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