Thursday, November 18, 2010

rewording it....

it's this.

what i was so wordily tryin' to say in the post below.

i think i got it.

it's this:

the process has become more important to me than the goal.

ta da!
that's it!

for real.
not just in theory.
well, i'm experiencing MOMENTS of this, anyway.

that's what i'm seein' this morning.

and in that somewhere is this space where i'm actually
making progress towards the goal. more so than when
the goal mattered more than the process.

that's it.

that's what i'm feelin' this morning.

the process is more important than the goal.

it's like with bone sighs.....

when i finally let go of the financial worry and know
that it's something i HAVE to do....and i have to do in
a certain way.....than that's all that matters.
the process of doing it has taken the front seat.

the rest follows somehow.

maybe it's like that with all of life.

and i think i got that this morning.
for real.


Merry ME said...

I think I'm hearing you say -
When you and the process are one, everything clicks ...
i.e. you ARE the process.

I heard a song on the radio yesterday that almost caused me to stop which wouldn't have been good seeing as the road was pretty crowded.

I must go through the valley in order to stand on the mountain top (with God - it was a churchy song, but the message was the same.)

Jennifer said...

Don't you just love Merry Me! She and her comments have made me so uplifted! I couldn't help noticing she writes messages to you too. I live in Maryland and we seem to have similar challenges. I left an abusive husband with 3 days of clothes 9/28. I don't know if you live anywhere near Frederick but if so - Unity Church has a free Healing Circle you can Google - Reiki, Meditation. Namaste with hugs, Jennifer jennsthreegraces