Saturday, December 11, 2010

the a team

he summed it up something like this:
'we did it in our true fashion. we started with a goal
which fell apart as we went along, but that only added
to the fun, and the best parts were the completely
aimless wandering.'

i grinned.

the guys and i had just finished a day of celebrating
josh's birthday.

the highlight of my day was standing by some train tracks,
waving madly to a train and having the conductor toot his
train with a hello back.

seriously. that made my day.
and yes, there is something seriously wrong with me.

but i could take that little thing and i could wind
that up and make it an event.
and the guys let me. and they go with it.
and so a day becomes filled with 'events' and i love that.

it started snowing which added to the festivities.
it was freezing outside. the air was filled with a holiday

the day before bob was talkin' about some incredible group
of people in the field of rocket science and he called them
the 'a team.'

'is that really a phrase??' i asked.

i was now familiar with that kooky tv show by that same name
as i've watched that with the guys.

i was so tickled it was really a phrase.

as we drove along yesterday, i mentioned it to the guys.
'we're the a-team.' i told them.

they hoppped right into the show....they've already said
each one of us can fit the characters....(which is scary)


not like THAT, i laughed.

we're just an awesome team.

i saw it many times thruout the day.

driving back towards home, there was christmas music on.
a song was making me think of my dad and making me choke
up a bit. i turned off the music and with a choked up voice
said 'i don't want to hear that right now.'

the guys are so used to my random weirdness.
noah popped in some heavy german music and turned it up

ah. better.
we all laughed and kept goin'.

the patience, the kindness, the goofiness, the support,
the caring, the fun, the laughter, the love.
the a team.

another day to remember.

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Merry ME said...

Have you considered making your life a TV reality show? I think the world could use a little of your kind of fun and laughter.