Saturday, December 25, 2010


the boys have taken off...

and i'm headin' to my elderly neighbor's.....

and the mood is really good.

i was hoping i wouldn't lose it.
you know, fall apart as their truck pulled away.

but i'm good.
and ready to go make my neighbor twinkle a bit.

been nothin' but hangin' out with the people i love
since yesterday morning.

i think that what stands out the most for me all
thru the celebrating is the quick moments here
and there between me and one of my guys.

zakk snuggles next to me on the couch, and laughs
in my ear. i look at his face and his eyes are truly
bob reaches over and squeezes my hand, and i can feel
that feeling inside me that i get when he touches me.
josh looks up after opening his last present
and gives me the eye to eye thank you. it just sinks
into my heart.
noah gives me a hug and whispers how grateful he is,
and my eyes tear up.

it's been moments and moments of that.

mixed with laughter and gifts and eating.

and now for some other kind of joy.
hangin' out with my neighbor.
keeping each other company.

and knowing i'm so darn lucky.


Anonymous said...

hi terri, i'm writing to let you know that i'm celebrating to...between the downs you know. I'm going to write more but after the holidays at my blog...i suspects my ex reads it and I just don't want to go there smack in the middle of the holidays. and maybe by then, it won't matter after all...
Peace & Light of the season to you luv,
W*R*O xo

AkasaWolfSong said...

I lit a beautiful burgundy, acai berry candle today for You Beautiful One, and am going to have my cup of gingerbread tea later on this here is to raising my cup to You, Star Woman...Merry, Merry Christmas in many, many ways!