Saturday, December 25, 2010

trapped in her necklace!

the fire was burnin' nice...
the music playing softly...
the christmas lights on all around me...
when she called.

'you sill alone?'

'yeah,' i answered.

'i'm just curled in reading this welding book
the guys got me.'

she started to laugh.

'you're not knitting??'

'nah, i should pick that up and finish it,'i said,
'but i got sidetracked on this welding book.'

and she really got to laughing.
i grinned on this end of the phone, not sure
what was so funny, but lovin' her laughter.

'girl, what will you be up to next?' she asked me
with such glee.

that happiness came from us hangin' out together.
i know it did.
she sounded really good.

'i can't get my necklace off and i wanted to take a bath,'
she told me.

turns out it was my turn to laugh.

told her i'd be right down.

as i stepped into her living room i joked about her being
unclasping her necklace, i teased that she'd have to practice
with it.

we talked of the pretty lights outside and how peaceful
and good everything felt.

there was such a good feeling between us.

there was something special about us both bein' on our own
today. there was some kinda goofy bond. between that and
the necklace and just laughing together....there was just
a feeling you could touch in the air.

life is amazing.
it's truly truly those silly small things, isn't it?

wandering home, i looked up at the sky and whispered
'merry christmas'.....

here's to just being here.

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stone hunter said...

very sweet. and perfect. thanks.