Tuesday, January 18, 2011

playin' games with life...

i just got back from visiting my elderly neighbor.

we got to talkin' about memory loss.
i always relate to that as i have it too and i figure
it might help her not feel like she's the only
looney on the block. she definitely has company.

i had a thought as we talked....
'wouldn't it be fun if we all just admitted we don't
remember names sometimes??' i asked.

what if we just looked at someone and said, 'i know
i know you. in fact, i know i like you...but WHO
the heck are you?!'

and that did it.
we launched into all this crazy talk of what we could
say to each other when we forgot names.

personally, i think it's a great idea and would be a
great relief if we all just said things like:
'i haven't a clue what that word is.'
and then we all jumped in and tried to figure out whatever
word it is that was forgotten.

i have actually had moments when i was going to introduce
someone to someone else and the name i knew ten seconds ago
and a name i've known for years was just completely gone.

talk about panic.

but how fun would it be to introduce someone by turning
to them with a wide eyed 'who ARE you anyway?!'

oh i'm laughin.........
this could be fun.........

and a whole lot easier than faking it!

i think we gotta make some of this stuff a game.
i really do..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really like this! I really very good at names (though I forget plenty of other stuff), but I've had that experience where you go to introduce someone whom you know well and suddenly blank on the name. I think it'd be great to say, "I know I know you and I know I like you" but what's your name again? I will definitely use this!
Thx, Ter!!!