Sunday, February 6, 2011

my new widget!

ha! crazy busy morning......
with a little drive ahead of me where i hope to center
the craze inside of me......

i just put up an amazon widget! i think that's so cool!
now when i talk about a book i love, i'll stick it there.
it's not a push to buy, okay?
it's a sharing thing....i just want you to be able to check it
out right there! bam!

seriously, i need a bone sigh widget!
gotta go grab me some guys to work on that!

wanted to just point that out.
i got techie!

and by the way...i'd like to know who names these things.
i just learned the name 'dongle'
who the heck comes up with this stuff?
i wanna be on the name making staff!


Merry ME said...

Love it!

Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

Love the new widget! Just a suggestion, it's too far down the page - I had to look around awhile.