Friday, March 4, 2011

ah, this quote.....

laughin' here......

sometimes i'm just too darn naive.

i just got a comment on our quote of the day.
it made me laugh.

here's the quote:

“ his passion drips from his face,
splashing me. ”

the title is 'srv' for stevie ray vaughan.

the incredible blues musician.
that man's passion changed my life.
it really did.
long stories.......and he had already died
by the time this happened to me.

so when the first person to ever comment on
that quote took it as really 'hot' i totally

i laugh as i type that.
i'm so naive.

this is really one of my favorite quotes.
and no one ever gets what i mean.
maybe that's why......
well, that, and it brings back how moved
i was by that incredible soul......

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