Sunday, May 29, 2011


i knew it was gonna be a good bike ride before i even got to the bike trail.

driving over, all alone in the car, i was grinnin' from ear to ear.
i kept checkin' my rear view mirror to make sure my bike was stayin' where
it was sposed to.

it was my first ride out with my new bike rack.
i grinned.
'this is my very own car.' i said in my head...with the intonations of a six year old.
'that's my very own bike.' i continued.
'and i'm goin' for a bike ride all by myself.'
truly, there are times my six year old just takes over.
and it feels sooooo good sometimes.

i thought of how totally awesome it was to be goin' off by myself in my very own car
with my very own bike.

this car is the first and only car i've ever bought with my own money.
okay, so the bike was a gift. along with the bike rack. (and yes, i have an
incredibly generous partner!) but they were mine!

i drove down to the bike trail.
the drive is beautiful.
i pass the road where bob's new land is.
where the goddess tree is. (the white oak)
and i look at the road sign.
'bumpy oak road'

i grin.
that's just too amazing, i think.
it's the perfect name for the road to my tree.
will i really end up living there i wonder
and i keep driving.
i stop quick as i see a kid runnin' towards the road.
his skateboard went right out in the middle of it.
it's a busy road.
i stopped, made sure i wasn't gonna get rear ended and
smiled big at the kid.
he smiled back and grabbed his board.

he was absolutely beautiful.
i guess that he comes from a mixed family as his coloring
was so gorgeous.
i grin and start up again.

getting out at the trail, i was so excited.
this was my first time there all alone.
i've always been with the guys.

i so wanted a solo trip.
just to soak in the place.
it truly is absolutely beautiful there.

i'm so grateful to it as it has reminded me how beautiful maryland
really is. i had just about forgotten. or figured it was just pretty
at a state park here and there.

and then i discovered this whole great big hunk of maryland that felt
like it was mine. and it's gorgeous.

i started riding and just couldn't soak it in fast enough.
the colors.
the colors.
the colors.

what is with me and the colors, i wonder?
colors have been hitting me so deeply lately.
what is with that???

there's little streams and creeks, a pond with hundreds and hundreds of
lilies blooming, there's hills of ferns, wildflowers that just sway
and dance, i saw a big black snake rear up and look at me, dragonflies
flitting all over the place, and trees and trees and trees.

i ride right by bob's land. i can see the border of it. i look over
and smile. and wonder where all that will lead.

some of the ride is pleasant and nice, some of it is so darn pretty,
and some of it actually feels sacred to me.
there are spots where there's this sacred feeling just kinda oozin'
out of the place and wrapped all in the trees.

i wonder about that.
what makes some spots feel that and others not?

and i soak and soak and soak it all up.

by the time i'm done, my body is done. it's soaked up all it could
and ready to get off that darn bike seat.

i load up my bike, hop in my car and drive home.
driving thru the neighborhood i grin.
'this is my neighborhood.'
'this is my street.'
'this is my very own house.'

the six year old hasn't left.

the guys are out.
all is quiet.

the fridge is full.

sitting down with some watermelon and peach soup
i have a feeling that i am the luckiest person in the world
and there is nothing i lack.

grabbing my cup of water, i toast my life.
then get up to grab some more food.


Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...


Good for you Terri, I've felt that way a lot recently and I know exactly what you mean. It's an awesome feeling so soak it all in... you deserve it! :))))

Pamela Jones said...

Isn't it wonderful how that feeling of owning your life can follow you all the way from your very own neighborhood, all the way down Bumpy Oak Road, all the way through the colorful trail and all the way back home again? What an abundant day! And it ends with an empty stomach and a full fridge. Aaaahhhhh...