Monday, June 6, 2011

the creek

random story number three....

'i'll show you the creek i've told you about.'

and off we went.

now i had a creek too.
actually, i had two of 'em.
put 'em together and they wouldn't have made half
of this creek he was showing me.

the creek he played at for years as a kid.

we parked.
got out.
and started thru the woods.
hopping down a few rocks, we get to a place to stand
and look.

i had thought of poison ivy and ticks.
cause i'm always getting both.

but you can't not go wander someone's memories
because of poison ivy and ticks.
besides, i told myself...maybe they didn't have
either of them up this north.
i kept a good eye out tho just in case.

his eyes are intent.
his walk fast and then slow. then stopped.
then fast and slow and stopped again.
i can feel the gears moving in his head.
i can feel the memories dancing from where i
walk a few paces behind.

it hasn't changed a bit, and he's amazed.

we head off to another spot.
walk the path.

it hadn't changed a bit.
same paths.
same water fountain.
same field.

we pick another spot.
and another.
same little cave to swim into.

same little water spots to slide thru the bubbling water.

this creek is one heck of a creek.

and apparently looks the same as it did 40 years ago.
which is beautiful.

there's something about creeks that just totally restore the soul.

there's something about creeks that stay the same after all this
time that totally move the soul.

he's walking the same paths and can't believe how perfect it all is.

i'm walking the same paths he did as a kid and can't
believe how time has passed, and how we've crossed
worlds to find this place again.

and once again the theme of time passing whirled inside of me....

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