Tuesday, June 28, 2011

good stuff.....

i read this book years and years ago and really liked it.
haven't picked it up since then.
last nite i picked it up and found this.....
thought it was beautiful and wanted to share.....

from 'the dance of the dissident daughter' by sue monk kidd -

'the moment affirmed to me all over again that having sacred feminine
experiences wasn't enough. it wasn't enough to have a sacred place,
to go to a circle of trees in the woods. i needed to become the circle
of trees, to be the sacred place wherever i went, to dwell so
deeply inside my experience and have it dwell so deeply inside of me
that there was no separation between us.

embodiment means we no longer say, i had this experience; we say,
i am this experience.

you have seen women like this, women who carry their feminine
consciousness, their spiritual wisdom, their knowing, so fully
and naturally that it is written all over them.....

...walt whitman in his preface to leaves of grass seems to be
describing the very quality these women embody: 're-examine all
you have been told in school or church or any book, and dismiss
whatever insults your own soul: and your very flesh shall be
a great poem, and have the richest fluency, not only in words,
but in the silent lines of its lips and face and between the
lashes of your eyes, and in very motion and joint of your body.'

ohhhhhhh......i loved this!
...your very flesh shall be a great poem.....


talk about a gorgeous goal.....
to become the sacred place.
or maybe to 'allow' it...make space for it,
as i'm pretty sure it's already there.....


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Compassion said...

Powerful words that leave me speechless... I love that book and haven't read it lately, you have inspired me to go looking again :).