Friday, June 24, 2011

what is in that stuff anyway?!

i have no idea what panera puts in their iced tea....

but i swear, EVERY time i have that stuff, it's like a new me comes
rollin' in.

between that and a business meeting with zakk and yo, i feel crazy

all that stuff that's been sitting on my shoulders this week?
still sittin' there.
and that's okay.
that goes with the post i did yesterday....about allowing that stuff.
making space for that stuff.

it's just where i'm gonna concentrate today is on the business stuff
that we talked about over tea.

i swear, brainstorming and thinking out loud with people helps sooo much!

and talkin' to my friend who's reinventing her life again.
i've been thinking about that conversation.
she reminded me of the beginning days....
of the start of all of this...

she reminded me of how far i've come and where i want to go.....
she reminded me of all i have to feel grateful for...

feelin' rejuvenated!
pass me that tea!

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