Thursday, July 21, 2011


i was browsing thru a new book the other nite -
'toward a psychology of awakening' by john welwood.
i haven't gotten very far and i'm extra slow these days,
but i do still get a little here and there.

and i'm likin' the idea of this book.
he sayin' we need both psychology and spirituality
mixed together. that's my kinda mix.

fully inhabiting the body, and working with our psychological
patterns he relates to the earth.
and learning to surrender and letting go of all investment
in form he relates to heaven.

he's got a little section called 'awakening the heart' which, of course,
caught my attention.

i loved this part -

'psychological work can go a long way toward opening the heart,
yet fully awakening the heart requires the more total letting go
discovered through spiritual realization. without the vast spaciousness
of the heaven principle we might be able to let others in but then not
be able to let them go or let them be. letting go also involves a sense
of humor, which arises when we step out of being stuck in a structure.
when we laugh, we have just stepped out of a structure. without a sense
of space, humor, and letting go, the heart could become too syrupy,
sentimental, heavy or attached.'

he goes on to say you also need the earth part cause that brings you
compassion. that we get that from our struggles with form, limitation,

i liked the idea that it's more than just opening the heart and letting
people in. it's also what you do with them when they're in there!
oh yeah. i gotta work on that!

and of course, the sense of humor....i love to laugh so i liked the idea
that that's something i actually need for my heart work.

good stuff.
wanted to share.....


Merry ME said...

Very Interesting.
Several years ago I read, then experienced that my healing from clinical depression required a 3-pronged attack. Mental, Physical and Spiritual. Neither was enough alone, together I saw progress. It took me awhile to catch on to that spiritual aspect.

Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

Oooooh! Sounds like just the book for me!!!! The two things that really get my heart pumping these days - psychology & spirituality. Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing, Ter! :)))