Tuesday, August 16, 2011

walkin' the lesson....

oh yeah, yeah, yeah....

i'm a big talker on things like choices and
creating your own reality and stuff like that.
throw in a standard line of 'life is change' and
i've got some great thoughts.

can i live them tho?
ah yes...that's the question.

so i took myself out on a walk yesterday evening and had
a talkin' to myself.

it was good, got me pointed in the right direction with
my life. but you know how it goes, it's real easy to
just keep turning back around.

i had to do a lot of grabbing myself by the shoulders
and turning myself back in the right direction.
over and over.

as i curled into bed last nite i thought about change.
it's gonna happen whether you co-operate or not.
prolly better to co-operate.

and then as if to cement the thought, i went out for my
walk this morning. you wouldn't think it'd be that hard
to take a quiet walk early in the morning.

well so many different things happened that made me change
course over and over again, that i couldn't miss the humor.
it woulda been real easy not to have taken the walk at all,
to have headed back in after the first couple of minutes.
but i didn't want to miss it. it was so pretty out. so i
kept goin', and i kept changin' course as i went.

and i smiled as i went.

change.....flexibility.......wanting to experience it all
enough that you keep goin' and you change course when you
need to.....

it was all too perfect.

that's life, isn't it?
and probably what makes it so darn cool.
i'm in.
wholeheartedly in.....

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