Friday, September 16, 2011

never made it to work...

i was putting my shoes on, getting ready for a walk and jokin' with the guys.
they were both up early and noah was explaining why.
it was when he got to the 'there's a traffic jam out my window' that i stopped with my shoes.

there is??? i asked.

i had been down in my studio, and hadn't noticed.

one shoe on, one shoe in my hand, i walked up to the living room.
there was a row of headlights out in front of our house.

'oooooooooohhhhhhhh that's an accident,' i said.
people cut thru the neighborhood when stuff happens on the highway.

zakk commented on where it happened and said it was a 'fatal accident.'

he had checked.

'it was fatal?'
'someone just died on their way to work?'
and i just stood there looking at all those headlights.

i actually choked up thinking about it.

i wanted to know who and how and i wanted to send them light.
i asked zakk how he found out, he showed me the traffic report.

it was a traffic report.
it was about traffic.

it wasn't about who died or how they died or how worlds just changed.
it was about how the rest of the people were gonna get by it as easy as
possible and get to work.

of course.
it's traffic.

where i walk to think about this stuff is jammed.
probably with people really annoyed they're being slowed down.
it's not the place for a walk this morning.
i'm still hearing sirens.
apparently i didn't even notice the helicopters.

when all this was going on, i was deep in thought down here writing a friend.
i was trying to help her sort some stuff out inside her.

i was writing to remind her that we've all got stuff inside...
it's what we do with that stuff that matters.

i was lost in thought......never heard the helicopters.

talk about a smack in the face reminder that it's short......we have no idea
how long we've got.....and it's up to us what we do with it.
how showing up for our day isn't guaranteed.

i'm gonna go sit in my back yard and send some light out in the direction
of the the direction of the world...and i'm gonna remember
what it is i've got. and showing up for work is going to be something i
totally appreciate today.

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