Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a walk in the rain...

i was beginning to think there was a rain conspiracy.

three different times in the last few days it was pouring rain.
i'd go and change into my 'let's play in the rain' clothes, get outside
only to have the rain stop or just do some kinda spitting water thing.

it was a complete and total bummer.

finally, this morning, without even realizing it was gonna rain...
well, it was overcast, has been raining for days, but seemed to be in
a bit of a stopping patch...i headed out for a walk. never once thought
about it raining while i walked.

and i walked down the street, i felt some drops...and then!
i could HEAR it coming.
i looked ahead of me.
is that what i think it is?
do i really HEAR it???

all over me.

i closed my eyes and smiled.
then i looked up to the sky.
it was pouring so hard that the rain kinda hurt on my face.
oh yes.
oh yes.
i tried to walk in the middle of the road so the trees wouldn't
slow the drops falling on me.

i laughed out loud.
i reached my arms out to the rain.
and i thanked it over and over again.
it was just what i needed.

and then...this feeling came all over me.
i just wanted to cry and cry and cry.

i didn't tho.

i was surprised by the feeling.
and then...not surprised at all.

normally i'd be fine mixing my tears with the rain drops.
but this morning, i just wanted to hold joy for a little while.
i just wanted a few minutes of just plain ol' joy.

i looked at the water rollin' on down the street.
aimed right for it and got soaked in every way i could.

i got home, changed outta the wet clothes, hair still dripping,
i came down and read the bone sigh quote of the day that
gets mailed out every day....

and that's when i cried.
yeah...this is what i want...

stretching my soul

i want to stretch my soul way past anything
i've ever known.
i want to push my boundaries over the edge
and lose them forever.
i want to throw the limits away,
watching them shatter to dust.
i want to hold the darkness with ease
knowing it's an integral part of the light.
i want to fill with the calm knowing of trust,
and i want to love all the way to beyond.


Pamela Jones said...

Isn't that funny? It was (still) raining here when I read that post today...and it seemed to fit with the rain.

Jymi said...

Yes! Yes! My girls and I play in the rain every chance we get! We especially love it when we are out on the town and we get to run through it and splash in puddles while everyone stands inside waiting for it to stop!! They all look at us like we are nuts, but our smiles are wide and our laughter is loud! I love it!!

Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

I too want to stretch my soul... I really need that right now.