Friday, November 25, 2011

and it continues...

what a day!
what a gorgeous day!
i work pretty hard most of the time and i forget how good
i can be at totally relaxing.
i'm good at relaxing.
give me a whole day of it and i can settle right into it.

and the cooking/clean up actually ends up easier than a normal day
cause everyone's involved.

it's such a good group.
we get along great.
there's the hangin' out talkin,
the takin' a walk,
the cookin',
the eating,
the eating,
the eating,
the playing the games,
we even looked at the stars last nite thru josh's telescope.
i saw the bands on jupiter. and jupiter's moons.
talk about a sight that puts your life in perspective.
i saw multiple galaxies and stood there trying to comprehend that.
i didn't. i couldn't. but it was so awesome.
and then we came over here to a holiday movie and some
final hanging out.

and there's more today.....
the holiday continues.
we put the tree up today.
hangin' the ornaments is one of those moments every year that
memories of a life time flood over me and the size of the guys and
how they've grown, and the years flying by all kinda buzz around
the room for me. it's one of those moments every year that hit me
as a reminder to enjoy it all as it moves along so quickly.

there's so much mixed into these couple days.
and i'm concentrating on the blessings and the love
and holding that with all i have.

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