Monday, November 7, 2011

the return of the apes.....

i'm thinking there's some heavy duty snoring for me in the morning tomorrow...
so thought i'd blog now.

my boys are comin' home!

noah and zakk have been out of town doin' some really cool things.
which i would gush on and on about, but i try to respect privacy.
i really really do.

i've been busy bein' a big girl over here on my own.

i was wondering how i would do.
and i'm proud to say, i did swimmingly!
i enjoyed my time alone and handled all the little things that need
to be handled thru the day.
some were quite comical, but they were handled just the same.

but tonite, the boys come home!

and i plan on sitting up late and hearing all their stories.

i learned something while they were gone -
i learned i really AM okay being on my own.

i look at my elderly neighbor and worry about what it's like.
but i forget, i'm not elderly just yet.
and i can dance around the kitchen and sing and talk to myself
and do whatever needs to be done.
and i was surprised at how joyful i was thru the times no one was


go figure.

i liked being on my own.
and that discovery made me very very happy.

altho, between all the happenings, i wasn't even alone as much as i wanted
to be! which is funny....and also reminds me that alone doesn't mean
you stop living.....there's still lots goin' on.

all in all, bein' a big girl worked well for me.

i'm quite relieved.

and i'm gonna be anything but mature when those guys come
walkin' in my front door tonite!

there will be much squealing and a great deal of hugging!
my apes are coming home.......

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