Wednesday, November 23, 2011

tasting the stars

'is there a salve for the wounds of shame?' she asked.
a gentle smile spread across the old woman's face.
leaning closer, she whispered,
'ah yes, but it's more than that.
much more.
use it abundantly with kindness and sincerity
and it becomes fire for the soul.
it lights the very stars inside of you back to life.
it is compassion.
have compassion for yourself and others -
deep compassion, freely given,
and you will do more than heal those wounds,
you will truly live for the first time,
and you will taste the stars.'


Merry ME said...

Well, that gave me goodbumps!

(I'm typing in a half prone position, so my spelling is a little off. I meant goosebumps and was gonna change it but then decided I kind of like goodbumps so I left it!)

terri said...

thank you, ms. mar! i'll take goodbumps any time! a prone position? hope you're okay??

liv said...

What a lovely post for the day before thanksgiving.
"deep compassion freely given" - there should be a big bowl of it on the thanksgiving table and we'll dish it out like whipped cream...ahhhhh...smiles from ear to ear.
Thank You Terri for all the beautiful and truthful words you share here. They feed me :)

terri said...

ohhh i like that idea, liv! :)
thank you so much......

Dan McGaffin said...