Saturday, November 5, 2011

a windy rock with a ton of love

so josh and i had intended to work by the river.
watch the waterfall, and do some writing.

we sat on rocks, ate snacks and chatted and talked.
it was chilly and gray and the colors of the leaves were
extra bright. the wind whipped the rocks we were sitting
on and i never even picked up my pen.

i recognize a moment when i've got one.
and i had one.

my phone went off in my pocket.
it was noah.
he's been off on his own adventure and he was checkin' in.

it was perfect timing.
it wasn't an was an expansion of what
was already goin' on.
it was like he was part of us there on the rock.

when i hung up we talked about noah and zakk and our
stuff and i could just feel the family bond so strongly.
i watched the water swirl below us and i knew that all
i should be doing right then was holding the love i could
feel so deeply.

it turned out to be a day that i really needed.

there's so much love all around.
and sometimes i just want to stop and hold it.
and when i do that, i swear i feel like i'm touching what's holy.

and sometimes i just need to feel that.

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Merry ME said...

Just one person's opinion ...
When you touch love, you touch the holy.