Friday, December 9, 2011

finding my morning....

wow, it took me two loops around the block just to unclutter
my darn brain! there was stuff everywhere!

i would need more loops to just feel like i found the morning.

i ended up kinda 'seeing' it all....blocks and boxes of clutter and
strings - oh my goodness - the strings! strings kinda like a spider's web
all across in front of me. blockin' my entrance to my world. my day.

i stepped over the boxes and blocks of stuff, and then started bending
under and around the strings. they aren't mine. i don't need them or
want them. and i certainly don't want to be entangled by them and
stopped from entering my day.

so i pictured slowly lifting some to get under, crawling under another,
bending around that one......until.......ahhhhhh......

just me and my day.

and i'm not kidding - there was a peace that just settled in.
i heard a bird singing.
how long had it been singing? i just now heard it.

i saw the peace of the sky, and felt the knowing of the trees.

i looked up and whispered 'good morning.'
i had found my morning.

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