Thursday, December 1, 2011

nifty little sayings....

so i'm in the little gift shop last nite,
and i see a magnet that says 'let go or be dragged'
and i laugh out loud.

what a GREAT saying.

later, i point it out to my girlfriend and i laugh again
as if i'd never seen it before.
it totally tickled me.

i comment on how that's gonna be my new mantra.

browsing around the shop with all the pretty little things,
waiting for my friend to get her goodies, i end up pointing
the magnet out to the cashier. and i laugh again.

i seriously think this is the most brilliant thing i've ever read
and we all need to take note.

settlin' into the car for the ride home, my girlfriend reaches
over in the dark, and hands me the magnet.

i gasped.
then laughed all over again.
i had NO idea she got it.

'had you gotten this when i was goin' on about it with the
cashier??' i asked.

she had.

and i laughed some more.

and i held it in my hands all the way home.

'let go or be dragged' - something we should all think about!!!

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