Monday, January 2, 2012

back at it....

my body really wants to know what hit it this morning.
first an alarm clock???
then exercising??

well...barely exercising......more to come tho.
but my body was in shock on that treadmill.

i can't get over how it feels like i've never exercised a day in my life.
and it's not like i was ms. limber running twenty miles a day when i started out.

actually, it's kinda cool to see, cause i never really felt 'fit'.....
but now i see how just UNfit i can really feel.
so while never 'fit'......definitely more fit than today's unfit.

and there's a point to this ramble while i wait for the light to go
OUTSIDE FOR MY WALK! (yes, i've taken them back!!! -
well, with the help of my sons....)

i'm thinking the inner work is the same as the outter work.
you keep at it and you don't realize how 'fit' you are...
or maybe more UNfit you really can be. but if
you stop and just go's not the thing to do.

i've got a ton of catching up to do....inner work, outter work,
and work work.

it's gonna be good to catch up......

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