Tuesday, January 31, 2012

more parts to meet....

i can't tell ya how worn my 'women who run with the wolves' book is.
it's underlined in pen, pencil, highlighter and crayon. there's circles, lines,
stars, exclamation points all over the thing.

and STILL i find stuff i never found before.

i'm in a section i never got a whole lot out of before. hmmmmm....
until now. my gosh.
i guess when you're ready.....you see it.

she's talking about the different worlds of ego and soul. and she speaks of
it like two different personas. and how the soul needs to swim underwater,
and the ego just can't do that for any length of time. it can't live there.
and while the soul can come out for a longer time and stay with the ego,
sooner or later it must go back under water.

but somewhere along the line the soul and the ego have a child....and this child
can live in both worlds. and this part of us carries messages back and forth from
one world to another.

now how cool is that concept?! i love that.

this part 'stands between the world of consensual reality and the mystical unconscious
and mediates between them.'

'the wild woman is a combination of common sense and soul-sense.'

this idea has captured my heart.

i have been hearing the tugs from deep below a little bit more lately.
i have been noticing calls and songs and echoes from that world...
and not exactly sure what to do with it all.

i'm thinking it's time i got to know that spirit child of my ego and soul.
i think i definitely want to get to know her.....

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