Thursday, February 9, 2012

outta my way, i'm running....

the music was playing, we were talking and i stopped us.
'this line right here. this one. i just LOVE this line.'

and it's one that gets me every single time the guy sings it -
'outta my way i'm running.'

and i gotta tell you, i've been hearin' it for about a year now,
and when it really gets me is when i'm really runnin'.
away from something.
and i do that a fair amount in my life.
and when i run, i sooooo want to run.
get the heck outta my way.

as we talked about it, we both realized we had completely
different meanings to the line.

i have always always thought of it as running away.
and well, with the rest of the song lyrics, it is.
i'm not sure if i just knew it with the song lyrics around it, but i
don't think so. i think the way he sings it, it gets right to my running
away bones.

he only heard that one line and thought of it as running to something.

we laughed at our outlooks on the line.
if you just gave that one line to a woman and to a man, would they
come up with different thoughts? we both thought probably so.
he just doesn't think of running away from stuff.
which seems very male to me.

i think of running a lot.
which seems very terri to me.

anyway...there IS a point here.

i liked his take on the line.
now, granted, it didn't fit with the song.
but just the line.
i like that a lot.

and lately....for a whole month and a half (but who's counting??)
i feel like i'm running TO something. not away from anything.
and i can't tell ya how good it feels.

i'm headin' out for my walk this morning and i'm taking that line with me.
outta my way, i'm running.
don't stop me now.
cause it feels way awesome.

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