Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a little tea...a little perspective.....

i've been reflecting a whole lot on the road with my guy's sons.
it has been one heck of a road.
one of the most difficult i've ever been on.
and because of some stuff goin' on with one of them recently,
i have been processing and processing thru a lot of it.

i had to smile this morning as i looked at an email from the other one.

he dropped a note to share a thought he was having, and to mention
he had some great tea i'd like and did i want to meet up and have some?

i leaned back in my chair.

what a crazy crazy road.

would i have traded it?
oh my.....there's a question..........

i sat and thought about that. hmmmmmm............
i gotta say it wasn't a quick answer, but it did come - no i wouldn't.

i'm havin' tea with my stepson today.
we'll talk of his thought and we'll talk of life a bit
and i'll look across the table and see all we've been thru together,
and when i hug him goodbye i'll get that feeling i always get...
that in spite of all the craziness, i really care.
and yeah, i really do love him.

funny what life brings you.
and lately, with my friend's passing, i can't stop looking at what life brings
and how i respond to it.

he told me the tea was amazing and i was gonna love it.
i don't think he has any idea how much i will enjoy that tea.....
no matter what it tastes like.

it's a good thing to get slammed in your face here and there.

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AkasaWolfSong said...

Here's to good tea then! :)

Yes, ahhh perspective eh?

Have a beautiful day Star Sister!

Love and Love and Love....