Sunday, March 25, 2012

mixing the pieces of love and growing more...

today i will be attending the funeral of a childhood friend who died.
it's apparently my week for holding death and stepping into all that means.
(see post below)

as in the post below, with my sister in law, my childhood friend is also a woman
who just wanted to be loved. and she never quite got what she was looking for.

that's something that just seems to be blinding me with these two passings.

we all just want that, don't we?

to die without it seems so so sad to me.

i am filled with the desire to honor these two beautiful women,
my childhood friend, and my sister in law.

and somehow i think i'm going to find my answers in how to do that with
my loving.

my loving of myself, and of those around me.
and of my letting love in to my life.

to gather and cultivate the love that matters so much.
this is what's on my mind today.
and to honor the beauty and hearts of two women who have both touched
my life with their loving of me.

i am loving them back today...and will try to hold a piece of that in the love i offer others
as i continue forward. it seems to me to be the highest honor i can give them.
to mix the pieces of love and to grow more.


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Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

You are so totally right when you say that by loving yourself you will honour them; and it is the greatest honour you can bestow upon them. It is in loving yourself that you show others that it is ok to love themselves. And that is probably the greatest gift of all. Those who love themselves will never die feeling they never got the love they so needed, because they will have realized that that love lived inside them all along. Reading your beautiful post I was reminded of one of my favourite quotes, one that I keep ever present:

"it was a gift they could never love her entirely - for then she was forced to do it herself."