Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the quote today...

sometimes my friends tease me and insist that our 'quote of the day'
bonesigh that comes in the email simply cannot be random. i laugh and
assure them it is.

two challenging days for me, yesterday and today, left me with the
same feeling i've heard from them. 'these aren't random. something's going on here.'

having just mentioned home yesterday here in the blog -
i wanted to post it here for anyone who doesn't get the quote of the day.

i read it, gasped, smiled and sighed a big sigh.

welcome home

standing up after the earthquake,
she saw everything had changed.
one world had crumbled to ashes
while another had grown solid and real.
clouds of peace surrounded it.
love supported it
and forgiveness dwelled among it.
looking up at the gate as she entered
she read the words, 'welcome home.'

1 comment:

Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

I know!!! When I found this in my e-mail today I thought, "She must have written this one today" but then I knew that these go out randomly every day so I thought, nah, it can't be. But it just fit too perfect to be random. How about that! I wonder if we were thinking this at the same time, lol!

Sending hugs :)