Thursday, April 12, 2012

back to the warm up...

i wanted a little inspiration on the idea of 'trust.'
i was getting ready to google trust quotes or something when i stopped
and thought....ya know,'s not like you haven't been down the trust road.
go check out your own website.

and so i did.
i popped up a section looking for a little inspiration.
and with each bone sigh i read, i remembered where i was when i wrote it,
what was happening in my life.

and the tears came.

it's been one heck of a long journey.

wouldn't it.....shouldn't easier right now because of that?

i could feel the first tear roll down my cheek.

so many memories for me.

and then i read it......the one i've always said is the bone sigh that, for me,
packs the biggest punch, because i know what i meant when i wrote it -

'strength lies in the opening of the heart.'

i remember mentioning that quote in 'the fabric of her dancing shoes' saying
something about it requiring the strength of hercules to really do it.

funny too as when you really gotta do it, i don't think you're at your strongest.
it's not like it's easy access to those muscles.
and those muscles are sooooooo tired and worn out.

i think for me, that bone sigh will always be the one that knocks me flat and
leaves me shakin' my head saying 'you are NOT kidding, ter, you are not kidding.'

and so i go back to the warm up exercises seein' if i can get those muscles moving...

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