Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the rest of me...

i don't know if this will make any sense or not......i don't even understand what
i'm saying.....but it's tickling me anyway so i thought i'd shoot it out here....

yesterday, with the whole heart thing...i could FEEL my heart calling me.
kinda just whispering to me to be in it/with it.

so right there we could get stuck. i mean what exactly does that mean?!
i don't know i can only tell you what i feel. and i could feel that.

so here's what occurred to me - all these years i've been working so hard on
listening to my heart. i mean that's been a theme that's been up top on my list
for years and years. i always focused on my needing to listen to my heart and
open to it.

i have never once thought about the flip side of that thought. that my HEART
needs the REST OF ME.

(and i know, again we can say 'what the heck does she mean?!! and i can't even
really tell you.....i just FEEL it.)

but this thought/feeling just slammed in on me.

my heart needs me as much as i need my heart.


how cool is that?!

i tried to figure it out logically.
yeah. i really did.

that didn't go so far.

but i got something like being 'one'...being 'whole'....those kinda words....
when i join all of me together.

and when i type this out it feels obvious and certainly nothing to flip out about.
but i tell is it i never knew this? my heart needs me!

i always knew i needed my heart. always knew that.

and to add to the oddness of the whole helps in the self valuing stuff.
you have to value yourself to believe this, ya know?

so, anyway.......that's all i've got on it so far.
i'm pretty happy about it and completely unsure of what all i mean by it.
which is always a fun place to be in.

thought i'd share the first finding of the thought!


BlommisLis said...

Right after I read that, Terr', what came to me was simply this:

Home is where the heart is. Not sure if that resonates for ya, but wanted to throw it out there.

terri said...

it totally resonates! :)
thank you, ms. blommislis!

Sherry said...

So I've been told that the Buddhist word for 'mind' actually means 'heart-mind' and I've been working with that idea a little. We're so used to pitting our mind against our hearts here in the West, that what if we looked at them as one!? It's a tough thing to do, for sure...but one of the images that came to mind for me was kinda like a big ol' brain carrying around a happy little heart on its shoulders. Ha ha! Thought you might have fun with that image!

terri said...

sherry, i just love you! what a fun visual! i'm in! :)