Friday, May 18, 2012

the first tidbit of many

okay, you knew it wouldn't be long before i was sharing stuff from
this book i just discovered....

here's the first dose -

'I have come to believe that we can only discover the capacity
and meaning of our courage in the context of our struggles, in
how we face and inhabit the challenges life presents to us. In this,
courage is an applied art of spirit. It is not something we can
manipulate, but only live into. Recovering the Source and living
it out in the world, alone and together, is a lifelong devotion.
One that we must, ultimately, inhabit alone, but one which we
must enliven together.'

that's from 'facing the lion, being the lion' by mark nepo.

i love every little bit about that paragraph -
every little bit.

the 'courage is an applied art of spirit' actually makes me tear up.

and the 'recovering the source and living it out in the world'
makes me gasp. what an incredible way to phrase it.


AkasaWolfSong said...

I totally agree...and I must invest in Mark Neppo's books.

His poetry knocks my socks off.

Did you know he has a blog?

Have a Super Weekend Birthday Girl!


terri said...

hey lady!
noooooooooo i didn't know!!
will check it out!