Wednesday, May 16, 2012

happy birthday!

it's my birthday!
it's my birthday!

i love birthdays!! oh yes!

but what to say in a birthday blog?
i mean, really?!!

and then without even knowing it, friends handed me the two things i want to share.

in response to my 'how did we get so old??' question i casually threw out there
in an email, i got back - 'We got this old by being very very lucky.'

okay....powerful all by itself.

but then throw in that this is a note from a man i met because i was friends
with his wife.

i got to know him thru her passing away last year.

puts way extra power in that answer.
and yeah, made me wish i hadn't asked it of him. yeah. i know.
but also made me grateful for the answer.

hit me smack in the face and i know that's what i'll be carrying around all day.

i am very very lucky.
no complaints about my age outta me!!

and then.......a friend was curious about how i actually get these crazies
around me to participate in birthday MONTH. i mean, really??? how come
that works?!

and in her questioning that, i saw just how incredibly lucky i am.
my guy actually treasures my playful side and wants me to live that more.
he eggs me on.

as a matter of fact, i was a bit more subdued this year due to the losses
and such and was thinking of skipping birthday month. he encouraged
me to go for it.

he not only joins in, he eggs me on - because he knows play is vital to me.
that in itself is amazing to me.

my sons hop on the train cause they're comfortable with the fun
and don't hesitate to show me they care. there's some pretty deep strands
of love between us and it is really apparent thru out this zany birthday month

those are gifts that are beyond words.

and today i'm holding it all...........
and celebrating these gifts of life and love that i'm lucky enough to be
dancing with today.

it's not something we all get.
and i know that.
and i'm so so so so grateful.

happy birthday!


Merry ME said...

You are the gift.
Happy Birthday.

terri said...

that so made me smile.

i love you, ms. mar.....

AkasaWolfSong said...

Well then...I'm jumpin' on that Crazy Train and jumpin' up and down over here, yellin' "Happy Birthday to You!"

I so agree with Mary...You are a gift, wrapped in all the colors of the Rainbow!

Happy Birthday Sister Soul! :)

terri said...

thanks, akasa!!!
happy birthday!!!