Wednesday, June 13, 2012

just a little more...

okay....she caught my ear this morning and i can't help it,
i gotta share a little more clarissa.

again, listening to her audio, 'mother night'......

she's talking of what a certain kinda healer would say to you
if you came to them and said 'i feel sad.'

this morning i felt sad.
so when i heard her say 'i feel sad,' i looked up.
(now, i'm sure this is for all things besides sad, she just happened to
use that one, and i just happened to be that one, so it really
caught my ear.)

then the healer would ask 'who is sad?'

right there....
isn't that beautiful?

i swear, there was something about her voice and how she asked it....
i was like 'yeah, who is???'

i loved it.
(if you're sad or upset or angry or anything this morning that might need
exploring, try it......awesome question!)

and then she went on to say that these healers believe there's
more than one part of us.
that there's the mind and the heart and the spirit and the soul
and beyond that is the family and the culture.
and all the parts can be looked at.

nothing new there for me. i feel that too.... wonderful to hear someone else say it and how
wonderful to be reminded in my sadness.

then she talks about a term - 'susto' -
and says that's when the soul is shocked, bruised, blinded,
cut off, bound in some way so it won't have full access
to the person.

bound in some way so it won't have full access to the person.

totally cool idea.

doesn't that just feel like something you can grab and work with??

and THEN! she says her grandmother used to tell her that there
was something like an umbilical cord between the soul and the body -
made of silver floss kinda stuff. and that sometimes that got stretched
and in the wrong spot and caused discomfort.......

great visual, huh?

and then........finally..........she used an example of a computer as your soul.
at first, this didn't do much for me. i thought it wasn't the best example....
until the last thing she said about it.......then i loved it......

she said the computer's your soul. and it's got all this information and
knowledge in it. it's all running along smoothly and then you get up one day,
trip over the cord, pull it out a bit from the socket. not all the way, just a bit.
don't even notice you do that.

but the computer doesn't run so good anymore. it's glitchy, shuts off here and there,
that kinda thing. you wonder what's not right. is it the fan? is it the motherboard?
and here's the part that won me over - 'when really it's the juice that's not flowing.'

i so smiled when i heard that.

when really it's the juice that's not flowing.

my juice was flowing yesterday big time.
i mean big time.
like it hadn't in ages.
and then hit a dam.

and i'm feelin' it this morning.
but that's okay.

gives me a chance to look at some of this stuff clarissa's talking about.
what to do with it? i don't know......
but i'll start with looking.


Sherry said...

Terri, which book is that from? I need to read more Clarissa. She had a thing on her fb this morning that I thought you'd like. I think I'll go tag you in it...

terri said...

this one's an audio, sherry....'mother night'

she's one of my favorites!
if you haven't read 'women who run with the wolves'....that one's like my bible!! check it out!!