Friday, July 6, 2012

paying attention

while the AC certainly has a place, and i'm grateful for it....
i'd just mostly rather have a fan.

i've got ac down where i work - finally - after the guys told
me i was gonna fry my computer...i got it in here a few years ago.

so i work in the cool all day and can't figure out why people complain
about the heat if they work in the cool.

but the main part of my house is toasty.
and there's a part of me that totally delights in that.
and no, i'm not a 'heat' person.
summer is my least favorite season. winter is my favorite.
so it's not like i'm a sun junky.
and yet.....there's something about 'getting thru it' that delights me.

i don't have friends over in the summer anymore.
that's failed big time several times so i've just stopped that kinda thing.

last nite when i saw zakk cookin' in the kitchen, i grinned.
it's good to see. there's something about cooking when it's just so hot.

it's been pretty darn hot around here tho. earlier than usual,
with extended periods of it. i think just like everywhere else.

i'm wondering how long my good mood about it will hold up!
it could wear thin real soon.

but for now, i'm gettin' a kick out of it all.

the nite's are interesting.
i'm up more. and i notice what's happening with the air.
if it's still, if there's a breeze, how long it takes to get a little bit cooler.

last nite i think it was about three in the morning before you could feel
it get a bit cooler.

this morning when i woke up, i just lay there and felt the temperature.
way warm for that time of day, yet still cooler than it had been when
i headed to bed the nite before.

i notice now.
i pay attention.
i listen and watch and feel like i don't usually do.

i drink water more.
i know that makes a huge difference to how i'm handling it.
and i pay attention and have the water.

i have a system with the house with the curtains and the doors and the windows....
when they get closed, when they get opened...which fans go where.

it's all a dance, a game i play with the season.
and one that has me paying attention more than any other time of year.

and i think that's the part i like.

i pay attention.

maybe because it's always been my least favorite season,
i figured i had to pay attention to make it thru.
and the weird thing is, i think it's that very paying attention that's made me
enjoy the season after all.

i don't know what it is, but i'm pretty sure there's some kinda cool
profound lesson in there..........

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Sorrow said...

Observations lead to wonder
wonder leads to gratitude
gratitude leads to peace....