Wednesday, September 19, 2012

thou art that

i snuggled in with my book last nite - facing the lion, being the lion.
and as usual, there's so many little pieces i want to share.
it's hard to pick which ones!

since this is about living wholehearted and spoke so much to me,
this is the pick!

'Hard as it is at times to accept, we are each other:
as beautiful as the next and as brutal. And rightly, what's brutal
in each other engenders fear. If unaddressed, such fear can force
us to live by how different we are. In contrast, being wholehearted
can lead to the discovery of our shared human nature. In essence,
realizing we are each other - Thou Art That - helps alleviate fear....

...So here we are, two thousand years later, dusting off the misconceptions
to find that we are asked, and have always been asked, to be wholehearted
more than perfect. To free ourselves from all that holds us back. To enter
life with our hearts wide open. To embrace both our terrors and our joys.
And to honor that we are made of the same filaments of being. For this
is our best chance at quieting fear - our best chance at hearing the
almost inaudible sigh of God opening His eyes by opening ours.'

- mark nepo

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