Friday, October 12, 2012

awesome stuff...

i really don't mean to be a mark nepo junkie.....

but my gosh, there's SO much here.......

i've got two awesome paragraphs for you.

here's the first -

'The inlet is most happy being rushed by the sea. Imagine the
exchange of waters. In just this way, our core, the center of our
being, is our inlet to God. It is where the soul can spill into the
greater sea of Spirit and where Spirit upon return can cleanse a
single soul. For us, love opens the inlet and fear closes the inlet.
So standing by one's core involves the courage to inhabit this inlet.
In fundamental ways, the rush of all-there-is coming and going
cleanses and shapes who we are. This is the interior blessing."
i just plain ol' liked that.
seems to me there's a ton there.
the love opening and the fear closing is something i'm always
trying to remember.

and after hearing someone's really hard story this weekend, the
part about 'the rush of all-there-is coming and going cleanses
and shapes who we are' really really made me stop and want
to give that a lot of thought.

then a few pages later i read this -

and i so thought of how i could do this with my guy when i was feeling
lost about anything. didn't even it could just so cement the
"So now, when feeling lost, I know to look at anything, long
enough till I stop assessing it and start pouring my attention into it.
I keep looking until my love relaxes it open, the way the sun
undoes a bud. I keep looking till I feel the ache of being alive
flow from me into it. Then I try to pay attention until the world's
delineations that say we are separate melt away. I pay attention
further and I pour my care and curiosity into every edge."
now, i do know that this guy doesn't mean to take this and focus on
the person you love when you're lost. BUT i like that idea! i thought
of how cool this would be when i'm in a negative spot to just go
sit in love and use my guy as the place i do that.

how cool would that be?!
talk about keeping the cherishing alive!

okay. so i was just taken once again with this man and had to share!
who could resist?

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