Monday, October 29, 2012

energy mixin' with that rain

so, to be clear....we're really not in the hot spot of danger.
we're just in the warm spot of inconvenience.

so that allows for the whole hurricane event to be laced with fun.

there is absolutely an energy in the air!

i felt it as i hopped in my car.
it was so gorgeous out.
i looked around at the leaves.
figured they wouldn't be so pretty in a few days,
and i should inhale them now while i could.

as i walked into the grocery store, i pondered a storm that was so big
it was sending the entire coast to the grocery store. how cool is that?!

as i whirled around the crowded grocery store,
i went fast and grabbed things here and there.

i had gone last nite when no one was around with noah.
we were driving up the road discussing what 'provisions' were needed.
i was dead tired so coffee came to mind.
noah! if we lose power, we won't have our coffee pot goin'!
we need some unplugged caffeine!

we laughed.
as we both decided if we lose power, we're taking naps and
we won't need the boost. hmmmmmmm........good plan.

this was a second run down..... as we now had a sore throat in the house.
some throat lozenges and juice and such and i'd be outta there.

a quick chat with the produce guy who saw josh at his kids' elementary
school the nite before. we joked and laughed about josh and his crazy talents
and i whirled on with a smile on my face.

wheelin' that cart around bodies all over the darn aisles, i zoomed around.
i saw a body in my path, whirled my cart in the opposite direction and then
heard my name being called.

i backed up and saw my neighbor standing there.

i laughed.
told him i just saw a body to avoid, not a neighbor to say hi to.

he wasn't sure what to say to that.

we ended up in line together catchin' up and swappin silly stories.
we hadn't talked in ages and it felt good to connect again.
there was plenty of time as the line was long.
but it had that holiday feeling.
who the heck cared?
we were all just there with the energy in the air.

out in the parking lot a guy called over asking what i thought the storm would do.
i gave a great whoosh of the arm and laughed and said i thought it was just gonna
go right by us with no problems.

he laughed and said he thought so too.
i smiled at his friendliness.

a woman came by who had smiled at me the whole time in the store.
she passed and waved.

what is it about the drama of a storm that makes us all come alive?
we talk to each other, we laugh, we offer help, we're more patient, more friendly,
more there.

and i love it.

meeting my man at the coffee shop later, he walked in with a smile on his face.
first thing outta his mouth was sayin' he just loved the energy in the air.

i grinned.

everyone was feelin' it.
and it felt good.

i've been listening to the rain for hours.
no big winds here.
just rain.
and i keep thinking about the size of this storm.

it humbles me, it frightens me a bit, it makes me come alive with awareness,
and this morning it fills me with gratitude.


AkasaWolfSong said...

So happy you and your sons are safe and not in the eye of this storm...I woke up thinking about you this morning! :)

I think storms of any kind bring us all is our nature, our true nature that is.

Sending love and hugs your way!

terri said...

thanks, woman! all cozy over here!

sending love back......