Monday, October 8, 2012


i don't even know how to describe it.
honestly, there's only one word that comes to mind -

i witnessed magic this weekend and i am really really honored
that i got to be a part of it.

there was the sharing of lynn's music ages ago.
and an on-line friend listening. we'll call her, jane.
and then jane's putting one of lynn's songs together in one of the
most moving slide shows i've ever seen.
it was a time line of jane's life.

having suffered from so much abuse as a kid, lynn's song, 'layers',
of a woman trying to get to the one deep inside of her, was perfect.

when jane shared it with me months ago, i just sat here and cried.
then asked permission to share with lynn.

i can't even imagine how moved lynn musta been to watch this.

and a crazy whirlwind of circumstances, there sat jane
on my couch talking about lynn.

and not too long after that, there sat lynn, in the living room with jane.
meeting each other.

and then hours later, at my son's house, around a beautiful fire outside,
with other friends i was getting to know for the first time 'in real life'
jane shared the stories that went with her timeline.

the people gathered around the fire knew of jane's pain. they had
been supporting her online already. but to be here in person was such
a powerful thing.

the courage and strength and trust that it took to share, astounded me.

at one point, i looked at my hand, jane's hand, and lynn's hand all 
holding each other and i was completely in awe of what had happened.
when my son suggested to lynn she sing jane the song in person,
my insides jumped.

what a tremendous idea.

as we all sat around the fire, lynn sang us her song, 'layers'
i felt like magic was all around us.

and this morning, as i think about it all, i keep thinking
that maybe trust is the door thru which magic enters......

and i'm so grateful jane trusted us, and the universe handed us magic.......

to hear lynn and her music.....and even listen to 'layers' click here
scroll down and find that box that says 'listen to lynn'.....i looked,
layers is on there!

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Lynn Hollyfield said...

you are something....not only does trust open doors to magic...You make magic happen...this is a beautiful description of all the energy flowing and holding us that day and night...honored to be a part of it, lynn