Friday, November 30, 2012

mighty products!!

i wanted to share this story....and i thought sharing this letter was the best way to do so.
and yes, i do know there's a hero in this story.
the lovely woman who showed up on my doorstep.
she's a mystery angel to me.
and i'm appreciating her tremendously right now.

i wrote this to my printers today......
thought you might get a kick out of it -
i'm taking it into the weekend with a big ol' smile!


hey, you guys,
this is too good to pass up!

the prints and cards that i fill my orders with come from you guys.
i have always adored you and loved working with you.
well, today, you passed all expectations!

i had several orders filled and out in my mailbox today when someone
came along and stole them!

to counter the icky people who would do that, a wonderful person
knocked on my door with two of the boxes. she found them in the
burger king parking lot around the corner.

being a small business owner herself, she was concerned and wanted
to bring them to me. her son, warned her about picking them up.
of course, anyone would think twice about that! but she picked them up,
found my house from the return address and gave them back to me.

i realized the really big order was missing. the one that i would lose the most
money on.

my son hopped in the car and went to search for it, while i took care
of the two orders the woman had returned.

he found them in the drive-thru parking lot, with tire prints on the wrapping
that was around them.

when i asked him if he found them, he nodded.
when i asked them if they were okay, he looked sad, shook his head
and said, 'they were run over.'

my heart sank.

but when we took the torn package apart, complete with tire marks and all,

they ALL survived theft, ickiness, and being run over and left for dead.

i cannot tell you how much that meant to me.
and how much i rejoiced when i saw that.
i just about cried.

to a small business owner trying to make it in a tough time,
this totally mattered.

i had to tell you!
your products rock!
and apparently my packaging isn't so bad either!

truly something to celebrate!

your biggest fan,
terri st. cloud
bone sigh arts


Dan McGaffin said...

Wow. How great is that? I guess the extra love you put into wrapping your packages is some pretty tough stuff.

Anonymous said...

oh man..
this just so made my day..
so much..

Little L said...

what a great story....SHE LIVES! you can steal her, violate her, run her over and leave her for dead but she will rise up!

you must have a gang of guardian angels....but then i never doubted that!